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  • had a nice convo with relatives about how much of a disappointment obama has been. thought of u !
    Do you mean if Starmie would be overpowered for OU? Hard to say, probably depending on what you consider overpowered. Starmie would be on par with Dragonite and Zam imo. The metagame would likely get a lot faster with all the move additions so it's difficult to determine brokenness. IMO, if you are saying that Zam and Dnite would have to be banned from OU, then Starmie would probably be a similar story; however, I don't think any of the three Pokemon would completely need to be moved to Ubers the same way Mewtwo and Mew needed in real RBY. It's probably a matter of how you define brokenness, and, of course, of how accurate our speculations are because it's impossible to visualize a brand new metagame without testing it.
    P.S: On another note, what makes a difference for Alakazam is Calm Mind. Psycho Cut would just be a slightly better fourth move at best (over Seismic Toss / Reflect) on the real RBY Alakazam we all know, and would not be used if you give zam the possibility to run Calm Mind anyway.
    sorry to pester you guy, but word on IRC was that you ruled that TLRs don't lock anymore, was just curious if people be slanderin again :x
    It would depend on if you consider all moves as potential RBY TMs, consider them only as level up moves, or basically you base all the learnsets on appearance (e.g, Rhydon has a horn so it can learn Megahorn).
    IMO either 1. you go for level up only moves specific for each pokemon and use the BW learnset as if it was equal to the RBY learnset (e.g, Tauros gets Work Up but doesn't get Stone Edge), or, 2. -which would be better in my eyes-, you just talk about moves that would be significantly good in RBY without getting into specific Pokemon that would learn them and basing your article on what each pokemon would gain from the move additions.
    IMO, 2. would lead to pretty conflictive and hard to figure out stuff about which pokemon should learn which move and these things. Just my opinion!

    EDIT: Oh nevermind, I just saw that you had already started with the article and the structure looks perfect!
    yeah, that's cool. High crit moves like Cross Poison are a good starting point. Aeroblast :D Anyway, you obviously know what you are planning to do better than me so I'll wait until you start with the artcile and I'm a bit familiar with it. But I'll try to come up with a few ideas! ;)
    Oh, I thought you were only going to do about bad/uncommon moves in the new gens. lol the list can get really big then!
    Yo Deck, in our match, your Levitate descriptions appear to be outdated; Levitate is no longer a Trait, & the user does not keep Levitate if the user uses Skill Swap.

    You might want to re-order. Just let me know when you are done.
    And if it's really DQed because of that, that's kinda bs. That shit needs to be bolded in the OP.
    Would I be able to request that you take part in the battle I am reffing that is currently in the Battle Tower? I am looking for battlers that have been proven to be good and that can do flavor. I would very much like to have you particpate, it would allow you to brush up on your logic and flavor skills,(coming up and explaining actions) And I believe it would be a treat for everyone to watch
    Why did you scrap Ice/Electric? I think it's good due to all the reasons you had in your post and also the fact that if we give it a water-immunity ability, it will resist the water/ice/electric/flying moves that are common on rain teams.
    Yo Deck, the Battle Tower in ASB has now hit 500 pages, & I have locked it. Start the new Battle Tower thread when you are ready.
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